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A Defining Moment

Jason | September 1st, 2008

Every four years in the United States, we the people choose a President. And every now and again, an election comes along at a moment of great importance – a defining moment – in our history. The electorate is more divided and polarized than ever before. People are paying attention to the Obama and McCain race in a way they never have before. Just last week, I read an article saying nearly 1/3 of voters will cast their ballots before Election Day – as a result of no-excuse and early voting provisions in many states. So, the election process is changing. Blogs such as these, the ability to donate money to campaigns online, and a 24 hour news cycle have contributed to what very well could be the largest voter turnout in history.

Not to mention the issues facing the country. The war in Iraq, the economy, healthcare, and all of the important issues that define our lives in some regards – and matter deeply to us.

This election is one of those defining moments. On campus, we’re making a committment to have a dicussion on the issues defining this election – and that will define our future. Through Engage 08, we are planning a series of events to broaden our sense of the issues, our passion for our candidates, and to provide useful education tools on the election process, the Democratic and Republican Parties, and the candidates.

Be sure to check out the events – and join us for some talk about the issues, to cheer on our candidates, and to hear from some prominent voices – from WVU’s own Dr. Robert DiClerico, a nationally recognized expert on the American Presidency to a nationally known speaker we’ll be announcing shortly.

Register to vote before October 5th and drop it off at the SGA Office in the Mountainlair and we’ll mail it for you. Or you can mail it yourself.

Check back often to add your voice to the conversation in our blogs and join the discussion on the important issues. Join the Young Democrats, College Republicans or a group of your choice. Contact the Center for Civic Engagement to explore ways to get involved. But, above all, become engaged. Take an active role in our future.

If we do, we can make a difference on campus – and in this historical election.

Let your voices be heard – and take part in this historic race.

Jason Parsons
Student Body President

1 Allison Broski | Sep 29 at 11:44 pm

I am very glad you are encouraging our generation to take part in the election. However, I have a big issue with only mentioning two of the candidates running for the presidential office. It would be really appreciated if this was changed to incorporate all of them so as to not be biased towards two parties in our country. If you have any questions at all feel free to e-mail me.
Thank you,
Allison Broski

2 Jason Parsons | Sep 30 at 1:55 am

Hi Allison,

Thanks for your interest in our program. I’d be happy to incorporate some links to 3rd party candidates. Just send them my way or feel free to post some information on the blog. Engage 08 is not highlighting any particular candidates – just showcasing the various aspects of the conversation surrounding the election. Obviously, McCain and Obama are a big part of that conversation. If you would like to submit a guest blog entry, I’d be happy to post it or send some links our way and we’ll get them posted.

3 Allison Broski | Oct 1 at 11:13 pm

First I would like to say thank you for being open to providing more than two candidate’s information on this site. I really feel if the goal is to show various aspects of the election then showing as many candidates as possible would be the best way to do that; especially considering Obama and McCain have the same views on several of the “hot topics”. Some good websites would be: www.votenader.org, http://www.votesmart.org/election_president.php. There is also a new club starting at the university called Students for Ralph Nader. We will be starting to meet next week so hopefully they can also be added to this website, along side the Republican and Democratic clubs. Please let me know how we can go about doing that.
Allison Broski

4 Garrett | Oct 7 at 12:11 pm

I agree with Allison, voters need to know that there are other choices besides the two main party candidates. It would be great to educate voters about third party candidates’ stands on the issues that are important to them, and allow them to make an educated decision.

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